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  Medical Services around Academia Sinica
  1 Tri-Service General Hospital
  2 Taipei City Hospital
  3 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei
  4 Chung Shan Hospital (specializes in gynaecology) (Chinese)
Address: 11, Lane 112, Sec. 4, RenAi Rd., Taipei
Tel: (02) 2708-1166
  5 Caituan faren (Tsai-tuan Fa-jen) Hospital: Central Clinic
Address: 77, Sec.4, ZhongXiao E. Rd., Taipei

Other Useful Link
  1 Taipei Bus and Transportation Information System
  2 Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)
  3 Tourism Bureau, Republic of China (Taiwan)
  4 National Immigration Agency
  5 Information for Foreigners in Taiwan : Alien residents, permanent resident foreigners, foreigners staying in the ROC & other notices
  6 Taipei City Police Department
  7 Taipei City Tax Bureau
  8 Bureau of National Health Insurance
  9 MRT
  10 Taipei Travel Net
  11 Tourism Bureau, R.O.C., Ministry of Transportation and Communications

  1 Accommodations in Downtown Taipei, You may search from the following:
  2 YMCA
  3 Taipei Hostel
  4 Formosa Hostel
Address: 3F, 16, Lane 20, Sec.2, ZhongShan N. Rd., Taipei
Tel: (02) 2562-2035
  5 Happy Family Hostel
Address: 2nd and 3rd floor, 2, Lane 56, Sec 1, ZhongShan N. Rd, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2581-0716
  6 NTNU Alumni Hall
Address: 8F, 129, Sec. 1, HePing (HoPing) E. Rd., Taipei
Tel: 886-2-2391-6490 or 2395-1141
  7 NTNU Scholars Hostel
Address: 9F, 129, Sec. 1, HePing (Hoping) E. Rd., Taipei
Tel: 886-2-2357-9971 or 2357-9972

Learning Chinese - Learning Chinese in downtown Taipei
  Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies (CCLC)
  Mandarin Daily News (Chinese)
  Mandarin Learning Center

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