Inside Academia Sinica 
  Activities Center
There are 72 single rooms, 54 double-rooms and one suite in the Activities Center. To book rooms, you may either ask your Institute or visit the Academia Sinica English web page for booking on-line. The Activities Center is a convenient place to stay for short periods of time while looking for more permanent housing. One can also reserve a room here through an Institute in Academia Sinica. Some guests stay for a long period of time, but if the Center fills up with guests and you have been there for more than a month, you may be asked to leave.

For booking on-line, please check this website:

Tel: (+886-2) 2785-2717 ; Fax: (+886-2) 2783-3905

  Scholars¡¦ Guest House


Invited short-term visiting scholars who want to rent a Scholar¡¦s Guest House should fill out an application form and a Rental Agreement. You may check in after the application form is approved and confirmed by the Human Resources Office of Academia Sinica.
When you receive approval, you should confirm the check-in date with the Activities Center and then check-in on that date at the front desk with your documents.

Renting Information & Tips for renting a room near A.S.
  Renting Information
You may check the following websites for renting information:  

(1) (Chinese)
  (2) TSUEI MA MA Foundation for Housing and Community Service
  (3) Taiwan Houses
Tips for renting a room near A.S.
Finding an apartment around Academia Sinica is next to impossible without help from someone who speaks and reads Chinese. The average rent for a medium sized apartment (two or three small bedrooms, living room, kitchen) is about NT$15,000¡V18,000. Housing downtown is even more expensive. If you can read Chinese, check the listings in the Academia Sinica weekly newspaper (Zhoubao), or on-line links to the Academia Sinica Homepage. You will probably be expected to pay extra for electricity, gas and water (check with your landlord). It is essential that you make sure you fully understand the lease. You will probably also be asked to leave a security deposit and to make a commitment to stay for at least six months to one year. Keep in mind that terms are often negotiable and many Taiwanese people like to bargain.

  Accommodations in downtown Taipei


  (2) Taipei Hostel
  (3) Formosa Hostel
Address: 3F, 16, Lane 20, Sec.2, ZhongShan N. Rd., Taipei
Tel: (02) 2562-2035
  (4) Happy Family Hostel
Address: 2nd and 3rd floor, 2, Lane 56, Sec 1, ZhongShan N. Rd, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2581-0716
  (5) NTNU Alumni Hall  
Address: 8F, 129, Sec. 1, HePing (HoPing) E. Rd., Taipei
Tel: 886-2-2391-6490 or 2395-1141
  (6) NTNU Scholars Hostel
Address: 9F, 129, Sec. 1, HePing (Hoping) E. Rd., Taipei
Tel: 886-2-2357-9971 or 2357-9972
for international visitors
Renting / Hotel Information
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